From design through construction

Our Process

See your home before it's built

We understand the architectural design process can be a challenge to understand and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We incorporate 3d modeling, renderings and virtual tours into our design process. We want to make sure you have a REALISTIC sense of your project before any work starts.

CAD to 3d Model

Here’s the first glimpse of your design in 3d. You can start to make out certain features that 2d drawings just don’t illustrate well. Ceiling heights, window placement and overall space planning are just a few details that get highlighted during the 3d modeling process.

3d Model to Renderings

Once the architectural design is completed, our focus will pivot to materials and finishes. For this we utilize photo-realistic 3d renderings. These take into account the outside terrain, lighting, reflections and other textural elements you can expect your home to have.

Renderings to Virtual Tours

Sometimes a rendering just isn’t enough, so we offer 360 degree and video walkthrough tours of all our homes. These give you a realistic tour of the main spaces of your home, right from your desktop or mobile device!  These tours are an amazing way to get a true sense of the completed project, well before it’s built.

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Construction and Finished Product

Who better to build your dream home than the company who designed it? Paragon helps you every step of the way. Selection of the architectural and design team, engineering, building permits, inspection during construction and even financing. We have the relationships and resources to provide a seamless custom building experience! 

How accurate can you expect your design to be? Look at these renderings vs final photos. Can you tell the difference?


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